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of Palomino Welsh Ponies & Cobs
Terackie Pintabians

Foals 2016 some for sale

Terackie Latifah (Grace)

 Pintabian filly 99.75% Arabian and possibly homozygous for tobiano.
Sire: Terackie Psynsatonal Design (Psynergy)
Dam: Terackie Sweetheart

 Beautiful correct filly, well marked with a very sweet friendly nature, being retained. Should mature to 14.2 - 15hh

Terackie California Candy

 Welsh x Pintabian filly foaled 5.5.16

 Sire: Terackie Azraf
Dam: Terackie Princess Madelaine (Welsh C)

     This really sweet filly should mature to around 14hh - 14.2hh, lovely movement with a sweet nature. Will be registered with WP&CS and is eligible to be over stamped with Arab horse society and chaps. For sale.


Terackie Maine Attraction (Opie) Foaled 17.5.16

 Gorgeous Welsh x Pintabian colt

 Sire: Royal Court Jester
Dam: Aberlogin Polly (Welsh D)
Opie has an incredible build, plenty of substance for one so young. Very handsome colt to mature around 15hh - 15.2hh

Due to a change in circumstances this gorgeous colt is now available for sale


Terackie Made To Order (Rosie)

 Gorgeous tiny welsh mountain pony filly, palomino with 4 white socks.

 Sire: Wilmira Choirboy
Dam: Blaenpennal Spring Song

Rosie was also a custom breeding and a huge amount of work went into the planning of this little cutie. Many thanks to all who helped me arrange it.

 Sold to Gail and Family x


Foals 2015

All 2015 foals may be for sale

August 2015 photos copywrite to Katie Pimblett Photography, see her on facebook.

Terackie Design For Fame

Foaled 8th May 2015

Sire: Master Design GA (Versace X Bea Society Belle)
Dam: Zana BJ (Psynergy x Ozana)

Beautiful pure arab colt, cutest little face, 4 very long white stockings. Born 3 weeks early, photo above barely 5 days old and gaining in strength every day. Sired by Master Design GA the outstanding and extremely beautiful Multiple International & National Champion whos wins include: -

 Senior Champion Stallion Int. A-Show Towerlands 
British National Champion Stallion 
Scottsdale Champion Colt
Sire of multiple Nat. & Int. Champions 
 Leading Halter Champion Sire in the UK 

Hopefully a show and breeding colt for the future .


Modelling his new and rather too big halter

Been to two shows and placed 1st both times


Terackie Amani (Arabic name meaning Wish, aspiration, hope)

Foaled22nd April 2015

Sire:Royal Court Jester

Dam:Terackie Sweetheart (Wahed Khemotion x GP Dandi Gem)

Beautiful long legged filly, less than 10 hours old in photo above, extreme pretty head, super friendly.

Growing into a lovely filly August 2015. Available for sale.


Terackie Emir (arabic meaning Prince)

Foaled 4th April 2015 (SOLD)

Sire: Royal Court Jester (pintabian 99.8% arab)

Dam: Psynsera BJ (Psynergy) (arab 100%)

This fabulous Pintabian colt is 99.9% arab, he is a little cracker and has been named Emir (Prince) He should mature to around 15hh.

Proper little show off for the camera...August 2015


Terackie  Quartz by Design

Foaled 24th March 2015

Reserved for Lena (Sweden) - SOLD

Sire: Master Design GA (Versace x Bea Society Belle)

Dam: GP Dandi Gem (MP Alis Dandi x Hala Royale Megan)

Exquisite bay and white pintabian colt foal 99.8% arab blood. A stunning top quality show and stallion prospect for the future, available for sale.

New photos of Quartz taken August 2015


Terackie Diamond by Design

Foaled 18th March 2015

Sire: Master Design GA (Versace x Bea Society Belle)

Dam: GP Dandis Dream (MP Alis Dandi x Hala Royale Megan)

Beautiful bay and white filly born early morning 18th March, missed this one being born. This filly has a very elegant build with a pretty dished head and long white legs, a definite for the show ring. She carries 99.8% arabian blood.


Terackie Maryland-Cookie

Foaled 11th March 2015 - SOLD

Sire: Royal Court Jester (Pintabian stallion 99.8% arabian)

Dam: Fairwinds Marin (Welsh Mountain Pony)

Cookie is a gorgeous little chestnut tobiano welsh x pintabian filly foal born approx 10.45pm 11th March. She is lovely, very sweet and friendly. Should mature around 13.2hh - 14hh.  SOLD


Sire Royal Court Jester, bay and white 15hh                                       Dam Fairwinds Marin, chestnut mare 12hh

New photo from August 2015



Foals 2014 - all sold

In 2014 we have bred 3 partbred foals, all have now been born and are available for sale

Terackie ZAHRA ZAHABIEH,  (ZARA) palomino filly welsh x arab. Sire is our homebred welsh cob cremello stallion Terackie Winter Shadow and her mum is pure arab mare Zana BJ. This is an Arabic name with the meaning of Golden Flower. Zara was born on Mothers Day 30th March 2014

SOLD Thank you Susan


Terackie Dakota-Dancer

born 20th April 2014

SOLD Thank you Dani

Sire: Terackie Winter Shadow

Dam: Terackie P Sweetheart

Dancer is a gorgeous buckskin and white filly, she is a pintabian x welsh cob and expected to mature 14.2 hh or thereabouts.

This gorgeous filly has now been sold to Danielle  with her pet name being Bambi , lovely filly, lovely name and lovely new owner


Terackie Illinois Ink

Foaled 25th April 2014 SOLD Thank you Siobhan

Sire: Terackie Ben Al Hazzar

Dam: Aberlogin Polly

Inky is a cracking  pintabian x welsh cob colt, this cross works really well, we are very pleased with him. Inky has been sold to Siobhan who is extremely excited about her new boy, roll on weaning time.


In 2013 we have been blessed with 2 pintabian colt foals and 1 filly foal, all ARE homozygous for tobiano  and have been tested TT.

Terackie Azraf arabic meaning Elegant
Sire: Royal Court Jester  Dam: GP Dandis Dream


This bay and white pintabian colt is also  homozygous for the tobiano gene and  he will also be capable of siring only coloured foals. He is 99.7% arabian and has very nice conformation, pretty head and should mature around 15hh. He also comes from SCID negative parents, he has an extremely friendly disposition and is easily handled. 

Photos below taken 4.9.13

Such a cute boy, even checking out his facebook page....


Terackie Malikah arabic meaning Queen / Ruler
Sire: Terackie Ben Al Hazzar  Dam: Terackie Sweetheart

Malikah is a bay and white homozygous  for tobiano pintabian filly, she is very elegant and friendly and also 99.7% arabian. Malikah also comes from SCID free parents.



Terackie Amir arabic meaning Prince /King
Sire: Royal Court Jester  Dam: GP Dandi Gem


This very typey colt has been tested and IS homozygous for  the tobiano gene, this means that every foal he ever sires will be guaranteed to be coloured. He is bay and white tobiano. Lovely confirmation, nice movement, gorgeous pony head and minimally marked tobiano.  He has the friendliest nature and loves a fuss. He is 99.7% arabian . Amir comes from SCID negative parents.  SOLD

Above 2 photos taken 4.9.13


Terackie Xanto - meaning The blonde haired one SOLD to Cecilia in Sweden

Welsh cob section D colt (2013)

Foaled 13th May 2013
Sire : Terackie Winter Shadow
Dam : Terackie Madam Xantia (Nebo Daniel)

The name Xanto apparantly means The blonde haired one, this will suit him very well when he goes palomino!!!

Very strong, big boned Palomino welsh cob (section D) colt, friendly with a nice extravagent action.  Very well put together and he has full siblings competing at HOYS level, as well as x country, show jumping and dressage.

Xanto is on the right of the above photo with Indian April to the left.


24th April 2013......Broadley India has foaled a beautiful welsh cob palomino filly

Terackie Indian April SOLD

Sire: Terackie Winter Shadow
Dam: Broadley India

April is a beautiful, strong looking welsh cob (Section D) palomino filly foal.  Extremely friendly and growing very well.  She should mature around 14.2hh, she has full brothers and sisters in this Country and overseas all proving themselves in one way or another as driving, ridden or breeding cobs, all have SUPERB temperaments which comes from carefully selected breeding stock.

Available for sale at weaning

Xanto to the left and Indian April to the right.


Terackie Melody

Sire: Glynsylen Madoc section B cremello
Dam: Fairwinds Marin Section A chestnut


Fairwinds Marin produced this gorgeous palomino filly foal on 12th April 2013.

Pretty little palomino Welsh section B filly foal, likes attention, lovely show prospect for someone.



Terackie Yasmeen

(Yas-meen) arabic name meaning Jasmin

Foaled 17.03.2012

Black homozygous tobiano filly  99.5% arabian blood

Sire Dakota Inkspots
Dam GP Dandis Dream


summer 2012...wet-wet-wet


Some of our previous years foals click here


Potential purchasers please read the following....

A non refundable deposit will secure any foal to weaning.  All our own ponies, cobs and foals for sale are open to pre-purchase vetting, deposits only refundable on failure of the vetting or if the foal becomes blemished or injured prior to weaning.  Export enquiries very welcome. For full terms and conditions of sale click here.  Please read through them carefully and be sure you understand and agree to them, any questions please ask first as we are more than happy to explain.